I got a letter from a company called AFNI. They told me I owed money for a debt on a Verizon bill. I told them that I never had this phone #, but the woman on the phone told me that I was a liar and that I owe the debt because that is my name.

I asked for a supervisor and she said I am a piece of *** and I dont deserve to talk to a supervisor. I called her a *** and she hanged up. I called right back and spoke to a man who said the same thing: he doesn't have to validate anything and if I want to speak to a supervisor, I had to pay the debt and give him 50 bucks or I could go to ***.

Well I will be waiting in their parking lot when they get off work so good luck to all the *** bags trying to rip people off.

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My mother (who is 57 years old) and never had a cellphone in her life received a bill from AFNI stating that she did not pay her AMP'D bill, and that service is still not suspended on this phone (mind you AMP'D does no longer exist) We should all report this to the BetterBusinessBureau and to attorney General's office because this is not right!! My mother's credit score was lowered and she does not owe this money!


I got a letter from afni charging me also for a verizon bill, first at all i never use verizon in my life. Today I reported this to the BBB and the FTC. I can't wait for this agency to get one big lawsuit because they are playing with people's lives.

Wyoming, Minnesota, United States #25660

"July 15, 2008


Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson today filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court against AFNI, Inc., an Illinois debt collection agency, for attempting to collect debts from Minnesota citizens who stated they did not actually owe the debts and for failing to substantiate debt that consumers stated they did not owe.

The lawsuit alleges that AFNI used unfair collection techniques to attempt to collect debts that Minnesota consumers stated they did not believe they owe, and that AFNI did not adequately verify the validity of debts to ensure it was collecting the debt from the right people. As a result, AFNI repeatedly contacted Minnesota consumers in an attempt to collect debts, some up to ten years old, that in some cases were not actually owed by the citizens.

“In this troubled economy, many people are struggling to pay their bills. Debt collectors are entitled to pursue payment of legitimate debts, but they must do so fairly and in compliance with the law,” Swanson said.

The lawsuit alleges that AFNI continued collection efforts, rather than verify the legitimacy of the debt, after citizens informed AFNI that it was attempting to collect the debt from the wrong person. In response to AFNI’s requests, Minnesota consumers sometimes provided private information, including social security numbers and police reports of identity theft, to prove that AFNI was collecting the debt from the wrong person, but that even after being provided with this requested information, AFNI sometimes continued its collection efforts.

AFNI also sometimes reported invalid “debts” to credit bureaus without verifying that the debts were actually owed by the citizen and did not take the action necessary to remove the debts from consumers’ credit reports.


Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #17572

To Whom It May Concern:

You must have a debt with Verizon...it's time to man up and pay your bills..and who do you think you are? No, no relations to AFNI...I can't speak for anything they do..but then why would you want to call and call back if they cussed at you?

I'm guessing you probably started it (which usually happens cos people are retarded anyway). So good luck at paying all your debts!

Wyoming, Minnesota, United States #7686

Must be an AFNI employee. No one else would waste their time.

It is a new low, however, to make a physical threat, however impractical.

There are a number of posts that appear to be from an AFNI employee in mid Feb. 2008 attached to AFNI complaints.

Onamia, Minnesota, United States #3920

tell me where you are and i will be waiting for you for telling lies

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