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I received a strange phone call from 877-497-9050 showing "Toll Free Call" and called back the number. The message said "Thank you for calling Afni Collections" and to go to their website at to manage my account....mmmm...

well after searching "Afni" on the net, come to find out they are the collectors for Verizon.

Checked my bank account to see if my payment to Verizon had cleared and what do you know, Verizon cashed the lousy $200.00 I owed for breaking the contract- had to move- so they are paid in full.....AFNI better not be calling me back. I'm PISSED.....

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Thanks for posting this. I've been trying to get this outfit to SHOW ME that I owe Verizon money for at least two years.

No go.

Today I was ready to pay 'em, even though I DON'T think I owe them anything, just to get rid of them.

What a crock.

Wyoming, Minnesota, United States #168730

Your final bill, combined with documentation of your payment of it, such as a check, constitutes proof that you have no balance due on an account. By sending you an up-to-date statement every month on an on-going open account, the creditor has acknowledged your charges and payments up to that point.

This is known as an "account stated", and unless contested by either party, is generally accepted as an accurate record of the account at that point. It's just basic accounting. In addition, federal law places a 2 year statute of limitations on telecom debt, so either Verizon or you would have been limited to that 2 year period and no longer for raising any billing errors.

From what your describe, it appears that AFNI has fabricated their "verification" from pieces of different obsolete statements.

Old statements prior to the final one have no bearing on what balance if any you owe later, although as you found, AFNI will deceptively misrepresent otherwise. If they had access to accurate records, they should have produced a copy of the same final statement you had, leaving at most only the issue of whether that balance had been paid, for which you have proof in the form of your check.

Contact your state Attorney General, and the Illinois Attorney General, to file a complaint for their attempt to pass off a faked statement as "validation".


I requested twice that AFNI send me verification of a $100 debt to Verizon connected to a number we had 4 years ago in another state. They sent me a 3 page bill that made no sense.

Each page had a diffetent date on it , and it literally looked like it had been taped together and photocopied. When I called a 3rd time to ask for a complete valid bill , the lady told me the dates on the bill made no difference , I owed the money regardless of what the dates were. All 3 dates were at least 6 months BEFORE we moved and cancelled the service. Luckily I found the cancelled check.

I copied it , marked out the bank info and am mailing it out tomorrow.These people are crooks. Do not give them any info or money!

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