I was poorly trained, for customer service via chat. Once I was out of training I did not know how to use a lot of the systems they wanted us to log into, my "coach" supervisor was out of work the 1st 3 weeks.

Never met her. She did not even know who I was until she decided to have me fired. Made me leave my personal belongings at my cubicle to take me to the office. Someone brought my purse and other belongings to the office while I was in the room and someone went into my purse got out my badge and took my money!!!!!!!!

No one will do anything about this!!!!! They tried to make it not be racist by using the white man in the office. I was the only white girl on her team. They refused to go over my "absent" days or even let me read the paper work.

Most days the time clocks in the building did not work and it was up to your "coach" to fix this. Also the white hr man told me he would make sure I did not draw unemployment. While I was in the office the OM & a couple of other coachs were laughing and saying go ahead and just end her chats (I was in the middle of changing a lady's plan) she's fired anyway. Verizon says afni empolyees are to never end chat on a customer, they ended chat that day on 2.

I was good at the job. I would have gotten insurance as of 6/1 was fired on 6/11 and was told my insurance would end that day. I received the cards after 6/11 and my last paycheck that should have been over 32hrs was 21hrs and they took it all for benefits. I contacted the hr dept and she said I should have told her I had not gotten my cards, I did go to her after the 1st to let her know I had not gotten any insurance cards.

She said I would have to get with my "coach" to fix my hours. Well she wouldn't help me when I worked there why the *** would she help me now??? They are the most racist, unfair, lying place of business!!! So now I have no job, no paycheck because they "claim" it all went for benefits that I NEVER GOT TO USE!!!!!

I think Verizon should check the contract they have with this racist business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So know my kids will not eat and I paid for insurance that I NEVER COULD USE!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Man that REALLY sucks.


I am really sorry to hear that. I have been through the same thing. i know how you feel.

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