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I was trying to find out a copy of a bill that wasnt made by me it was made by someone else. the account was open 8/05.

Could you please send me a bill of some type of information showing who created the account on that date. It showed up on my credit report. I have no memory of this account. I am unable to make a payment until some type of information is shown.

Right now i am trying to clean up my credit report and would need that certain type of information so I could make the payments to you, Please soon as possible!!!!!!

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I had the same thing happen to me. FedEx created an account for us and were charging us for our regular account and another bogus account.

I will say that when I reported this, they did admit the issue and close the bogus account. The lesson here is WATCH everything!

Wyoming, Minnesota, United States #8253

The most likely reason you don't remember this account is that it probably isn't your account. With just a little searching, you can find complaints from MANY people that AFNI has sent them bills for bogus accounts.

You need to immediately send a letter to AFNI saying that you dispute the debt, that it is not your account, and that you are requesting that validation of the alleged debt, obtained from the original creditor, be sent to you.

Send that letter certified, return receipt requested, so you have proof they got it.

When you have post office confirmation of their receipt of your letter, send a dispute to the credit bureau showing their negative credit information disputing the entry as not your account. If AFNI falsely "verifies" the bad credit information, file complaints with the Illinois Attorney General, your state Attorney General, and FTC, and start looking for a consumer protection attorney.

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