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This is a new one I think. I go into collections with AFNI for $577, said it was for Verizon charges --- so called split bill. The number Verizon associated with the charges was from a disconnected Magic Jack number. Of course Verizon claimed they sold all of the collection information to AFNI and AFNI did not know what the charges were for...hahaha good one!

Was this a scam? A mistake? Who profits --- did not get my money. Called both Verizon and RIP OFF AFNI and made them prove the charges were mine..they could not. Call this Verizon number to cut the red-tape 877.325.5156 and 888.879.6810 for AFNI.

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Debtcollector.... You are so wrong.

AFNI was wrong and the "AAA" rating has been tarnished! This was a bill for MAGIC JACK number. I confirmed this and many others have been billed and sent to collections!

Bull they do not know...I assume many fell prey to this and if you Believe Verizon and AFNI had no knowledge I have some nice property to sell you in Florida! :cry


Chances are your in a minimum pay state for landline phones. this means that Verizon CANNOT disco service in your state.

so when the bill goes delinquent it splits from the main bill for your extra charges called DENIABLE charges. Including but not limited to, long distance charges, caller ID and voice mail.

Verizon and AFNI are NOT required to provide an itemized bill for the service as it was provided at the time of service termination.

PAY your bill it is owed.

if it has VERIZON on it and its from AFNI it is not a scam. AFNI has an A+ rating with the BBB look it up.

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