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AFNI has on my credit report that I owe them 507 for a Verizon wireless bill thats over 5 years old. I was let out of my contract due to the simple fact that I had no service were I lived.

I even spoke to the President of Verizon's Secretary and secured that deal. To my knowledge I was let out of it as I should have been. I check my credit report today(I admit I rarely check it) and see a bill for 507 on it that was put into collections by Verizon and I guess, "sold" to AFNI as who I should pay it to. I do NOT owe this bill!!.

100% a false hit to my credit but I have no idea how to contest this. Even the date it was put into collections is wrong.

I have none of that information anymore as it was so long ago, I thought I wouldn't need it. What can I do?.

Monetary Loss: $507.

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